Students are actively involve in plantation and gardening activities. Each student is required to take up this activity and need to understand the life cycles of the plants and crops.

There are different gardening and farming techniques being experiemented in the campus. These include organic farming, square foot gardening, branching induction technique.

Different irrigation techniques are also being experimented here in the school campus.

Yoga & Meditation

Dhyanahitha High School takes pride in providing first ever energy based self healing system where a student can heal himself of any physical pain or mental inconvenience by managing the energy levels within the body. This particular healing method is called “Siddha Science”. Every morning the students will be instructed Yoga and will be given time to meditate to clear their mind of routine bothering issues. They are taught this well versed, well researched and well followed technique for helping them get rid of their negative energies and re-fueling with positive energies. Daily yoga and meditation is incorporated in their routine and they will be taught to structure themselves in discipline, managing their health, learning to share and ultimately becoming a proud citizen of our country.

Sports & Games

Dhyanahitha High School offers a wide 25 acre residential campus with complete greenery, latest irrigation systems, swimming pool and prayer hall for early morning yoga and meditation. Students will live in a healthy, non-polluting and vast play grounds to pursue their sport of interest. A swimming pool with full time life guard is provided and a physical trainer to help them in their preferred sports and activities. Basic sport and gym equipment is provided in campus. Our indoor games room also comes with a large variety that keeps them on their toes and sharp as a whip. Inter campus sport meets are conducted in a regular basis.