Dhyanahitha High School provides excellent facilities and amenities for students to prosper in their career.

Every facility we provide is well researched, planned and is balanced to help the student become a better individual. Every minor details is accounted for, including owning every campus property to give the students better building infrastructure to owning transport vehicles to avoid any inconvenience to students. These facilities are provided in form of direct and indirect services, latest computers, technical and teaching staff, infrastructure etc. Some of our facilities include:

City Campus:

  • School owned campus and buildings.
  • Branded computers with latest software.
  • Well Stocked library with books from domestic and international authors.
  • Well ventilated classrooms for natural light and air.
  • Well ergonomically arranged seating.
  • Limited students per class to ensure one on one interaction time with teacher.
  • WI-FI campus with networked computers for easy information access.
  • Safe drinking water and clean environment.
  • Backup power generator for computers and classrooms.
  • Safe transportation with experienced drivers.
  • Professional security arrangement and crossing guards.
  • Online progress reports on students academic and attendance criteria.

Residential Campus:

in addition to the above facilities, the residential campus has the following facilities

  • Solar powered computer labs and classrooms.
  • Complete home prepared Organic Meals with vegetables grown in campus.
  • Spacious living facilities with lockers, bathrooms and showers.
  • 24 hours faculty available to students for assistance.
  • Complete audio visual auditorium for informational and recreational purposes.
  • Swimming pool with life guard on campus.
  • Medical assistance with regular doctor checks.
  • 24 hours campus security.