Academic study is a study to gain knowledge and provide a framework for future understandings. Furthermore, they also play a very important part in social cognition. Dhyanahitha High School promises to examine and explore the extent of the role of academic study, that it plays in our lives and how it provides a means for learning effectively for students in order to meet individual goals which will thus encourage lifelong learning. Academic study is another word for lifelong learning. We, at Dhyanahita High School, have always believed in the practicality of teaching methods like “Knowledge Transfer”, “Learning by Doing”, “Computer-based Learning” etc and also using the most efficient staff and highly skilled knowledge pool from our advisories to bring out the maximum potentiality of the student. We will provide adequate academic weight to the persuasion of own interests ratio for our students so that they can make an informed decision on their future. Physical education and personality development are incorporated into our syllabus and practices along with other subjects of academic importance, standards of learning and teaching practices, thus making him confident to take a leap into the future.