School Leadership – Dhyanahitha schools

DR. Ghanta Subbarao

Dr. Ghanta Subbarao, well known for his contribution to Andhra Pradesh State by serving as special secretary to Ex-Chief Mininster( Dr. Y.S. Rajasekara Reddy) in Information Technology for many years, conceived this concept with a motive to educate children of all classes and backgrounds. Dr. Ghanta Subbarao introduced the concept of “Jawahar Knowledge Centers” in all the engineering colleges across the state which eventually became a leading recruiter of fresh engineering graduates into corporate world. Being a computer genius himself, Dr. Ghanta Subbarao  played a vital part in conceptualizing and execution on “Institute for Electronic Governance” where he served as a President. Through this institute, he managed to train, assist and guide thousands of engineering graduates to acquire jobs in corporate world.

He was solely responsible for conceptualizing this school in an attempt to educate a child, even from a rural background, and make them a fierce competitor to fit into the ever growing corporate world. Besides this, Dr. Ghanta Subbarao has also taken up various projects where he strives to uplift the rural India. He was responsible for various projects that concentrate in introducing better agricultural practices for farmers, better living and food facilities for poor, better caring facilities to elderly, better chance to showcase products for artists and overall a selfless motive to uplift rural India.

Dr. Ghanta Subbarao, now with a noble intention of educating kids of all backgrounds and benchmarking their foundation to exemplary status, has conceived this revolutionary concept of education. His attention to students from grade one, is the result of his intention to chip the rough edges in a student right from the beginning of his academic career so that he can overcome conventional blockages due to his economic or financial stature. He realizes that the stronger foundation of India lies within the rural side and he strives to bring all the urban advantages to them.

 Dr. Ghanta Subbarao and his devoted team of intellectuals comprising of Dr. N. Sailaja, Mr. N.B.N. Ramesh, Prof. T. Srinivas Reddy, Dr. Babu Rao have stood by him and extended their invaluable support for bringing this extraordinary concept to life and floating this project with immense enthusiasm.


DR. N. Sailaja

Dr. N. Sailaja uses her 33 years experience as a top government officer, manager, trainer, motivator and speaker to help corporate-leaders implement highly effective Core-Energy Management Techniques (CEMT) to optimize productivity at personal, group and corporate levels. CEMT-Yes it is new, scientifically tested and it works.

She is a certified international trainer of Applied Color Brain Psychology to corporations and organizations.

Her newest course on Target Oriented Communication (TOC) has helped many managers create healthy, positive, pleasant and hence productive environment within the corporate.

The cause of all human problems is lack of energy. The modern life-style and pressure drain energy out of individuals which affects their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being indirectly reducing their performance. Through certain techniques known to ancient India and propagated by Dr. N. Sailaja, energy can be accessed and conserved to minimize the problems and realize the individuals true potential. These techniques have been tested on hundreds of corporate employees with significant jump in the overall productivity.

After completion of her doctorate in Biological Sciences, Dr. N. Sailaja's love for nature slowly turned in to love for human nature because nature was simpler, more logical and easier to understand. Even with her busy life as a top government officer, she wrote several books, performed human development services, promoted Green Living and continued experimenting on the subject she loved the most. She researched over two decades and developed Life Technology a simple and highly effective methodology to help many thousands individuals to transform their lives and to lead a happy healthy and productive life.